Volunteer Receptionist

Volunteer Role:                 Volunteer Receptionist

Responsible/Accountable to:   Volunteer Coordinator/ Project Manager/Chair of  the Management Committee

Responsible for/main tasks:

  • Ensure a welcoming and responsive reception for all visitors to Number 57,
  • And record their details on the daily sheets.
  • Support the staff to enable them to prioritise their efforts as effectively as possible.
  • Assist in promoting safe and appropriate use of the building.
  • Receive and transfer telephone calls, as required.
  • Inform the relevant staff member of the arrival of visiting professionals.
  • Serve refreshments for meetings, as required.
  • Assist with routine administrative tasks or special projects by agreement
  • with staff.
  • Gradually acquire knowledge about the work of other local agencies in
  • order to improve effectiveness of your “information work”.
  • Listen to MAECare members to ascertain their needs, and then to respond appropriately by progressing one or more of the following actions:
  • Provide information and leaflets or contact details so that the member can begin to address his/her own problem.
  • Pass on details of the problem to the appropriate member of staff, either straight away in person or by means of a written memo.
  • Record details of the person and the problem for attention at a later date to address his/her own problem.
  • To complete Induction Training under the direction of the Project
  • Manager or the Volunteer Co-ordinator.