Volunteer Driver

Role: Driver
Responsibilities to: Transport Coordinator
Time commitment: Flexible
Location: Community based

What is the role?

MAECare recognizes that some older people can’t get out of the house, due to a variety or reasons such as mobility issues or lack of accessible transport. This results in people becoming isolated and lonely, this has a detrimental impact on their physical and mental health. In order to reduce social isolation and ensure anyone can access the services provided by MAECare we offer a lift scheme run by volunteer drivers. Drivers will pick someone up in their own car from their house and drop them off, usually at the MAECare office. Sometimes lifts happen regularly each week but we also have ad hoc opportunities too. Flexibility is key for this role as bookings for lifts can change from one minute to the next.

 Your role will include: 

  • To offer transport in your own car to MAECare members as agreed with MAECare staff
  • To undertake training relevant to transporting and assisting passengers as soon as possible after induction
  • Ensuring adequate insurance cover for carrying members
  • Ensuring safety of passengers whilst in vehicle, e.g. wearing seat belts and safe transfer in and out of the car
  • Inform MAECare of any changes to car, driving licence, medical conditions or driving related fines and convictions.
  • Awareness of, and agreement to work within, all MAECare policies and procedures
  • Keep a record of all mileage travelled on behalf of Moor Allerton Elderly Care (from your home and back), and any phone calls or parking fees, and recording them on the expenses Form.
  • To inform MAECare staff if you have any concerns about the wellbeing of the person receiving the lift

Benefits & support for MAECare:

  • Full induction training provided including safeguarding and dementia awareness.
  • DBS check provided.
  • ID badge provided to wear whilst volunteering.
  • Expenses for travel and other agreed sundries.
  • A contact member of staff.
  • Regular contact with the charity and dedicated volunteer social events.
  • We can offer references to long-standing volunteers that have not breached our policies or code of conduct.