Photography Workshop

For the past six weeks, ten members have been participating in a photography and poetry workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to give members a chance to learn basic photography skills as well as have some professional portraiture done by photography Lizzie Coombes.

Photography workshop

Writer Peter Spafford joined us to craft individual poems for each member, resulting in a personal “Poem Portrait” for everyone. These portraits, along with work by the members, will be on display at the White Cloth Gallery in Leeds City Centre from 24 September to 1 November. Please ring the office if you would like to find out more or if you would like to attend the opening reception.

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Members who participated said that the workshop was more than they expected, that they formed a bond with the other participants and had a chance to share personal experiences as well as just learn a new skill. The group will continue meeting as part of a monthly “Camera Club” so they can keep exploring their new art.