Lockdown News

What has MAECare been up to since Lockdown?

We’ve been pretty busy! Whilst our offices are closed to the public, staff and volunteers have been working remotely. We have

  • Contacted over 800 service users by phone to do a welfare check
  • Provide regular telephone support to nearly 300 service users
  • Set up a Doorstep Delivery service that provides essential basics to service users in partnership with the Access Bus which has…
    • …Made over 100 Doorstep Deliveries
  • Set up the MAECare Zoomers – a regular weekly catch up for service users
  • Become the Community Care Hub for Alwoodley and dealt with over 300 referrals
  • Been joined by over 100 new Community Care volunteers who have…
    • …Undertaken nearly 100 shopping trips for Hub referrals, delivered emergency food parcels to 11 people, delivered over 25 prescriptions and provide telephone support to 12 people