Living with Dementia

People living with dementia are invited to attend all our activities.

We also have some services specifically for people with Dementia

Sunny Hearts is a regular group, meeting on a Tuesday morning aimed at people living with dementia. Carers are very welcome too.

Sunny Hearts Group
The group has some informal time for chatting and catching up and then a structured part, where Audrey who looks after the group leads discussion on themes or memories or other activities.

Sunny Hearts Group
New people are always welcome, ring the office to find out more information.

We also have a special project to support people and this is called the Circles of Support project.

A Circle of Support is a group of people who provide support to a person to enable them to think about what they would like to do in their life and how to bring about any changes. The group can include family members, friends, volunteers and professionals.

One person is typically identified as the key person to help coordinate the group. This person will ensure that all identified people know what each other is doing. The group meet regularly in person or using IT to ensure the person’s wishes are being carried out.

The aim of Circles of Support is to improve a person’s well-being by increasing their social network and so prevent illness, isolation and loneliness. It aims to support and help people to live in their own homes for as long as possible. Circles is beneficial for carers too as they feel supported and less alone.

For more information on Circles of Support, contact Rebecca Matthews at MAECare.

Working days: Mon, Tues, Thurs

Email: [email protected]

Our short film explains a little more about how MAECare supports people living with dementia