Leeds works together to keep older people safe

A new campaign in Leeds is raising awareness that people aged 60 and over are at greater risk of health complications from COVID-19. It advises people on the different ways they can continue to stay active and connected safely whilst also reducing physical contact with other people, and lowering their risk of coming into contact with the virus.

To support residents of 60 and above to live healthily, and keep mentally well during this time, the NHS in Leeds, alongside Leeds City Council and community and voluntary sector organisations are coming together to share and promote a programme of positive messages over the winter season. This includes messages that encourage people to stay connected safely to reduce the risk of social isolation.

According to the 2011 census around 20% of the population of Leeds are aged sixty or over and it is now recognised that this age group is more at risk of developing more serious health complications from COVID-19.

To further protect NHS services, Leeds City Council and the NHS in Leeds once again call for the members of the public to consider the following advice to people aged 60 and over:

  • aim to reduce physical contact and avoid areas of high footfall;
  • discuss ways to reduce transmission risk with employers and minimise situations that brings close contact with people, especially indoors;
  • plan leisure time to include leaving the house around quieter times of the day to reduce the risk of being in close physical contact with others;
  • physical exercise is important – but maintain a two metre distance to stay safe.

We are also asking everybody in Leeds to do their bit to help keep over-60s safe. If you have family, friends or neighbours in this age group then consider how you can help them reduce avoidable trips to higher risk areas, particularly indoor spaces like shops.

Equally we know that some people in this age group are scared of leaving the home – which is not healthy, particularly for mental wellbeing. If you know somebody who is isolating at home unnecessarily, remind them of the importance of getting out for daily exercise, that the it’s more difficult for the virus to spread outdoors, and that they can protect themselves by staying at least 2 meters from others.

As part of the campaign we are also reaching out to employers across the city to make sure they are taking steps to protect their colleagues who are in this age group, and also to protect their customers. This is especially important for tradespeople who may need to access people’s homes.

To find out more about the campaign and to get tips to keep family, friends and colleagues safe please visit www.takecareleeds.co.uk