International students visit MAECare

Students from Leeds University International Society share how what they learnt from working with MAECare service users….

Our experience organising and leading two workshops at MAECare was one that proved to be hugely enriching. As students at the University of Leeds it is far too easy to be completely sheltered from community life outside of the University. With this in mind, we were all thrilled to have the opportunity to deliver two sessions that centred on exploring memories through various fun activities.

The first session started with a warm up activity which consisted of the participants having to tell the group 3 facts about themselves, two being true and one false, with the aim of the game being to guess which one was a lie. This inevitably led to a room full of impressive poker faces and surprising revelations! The main activity used the medium of sound to discuss and share memories. This worked by us playing an array of different sound clips: the sound of a bike spinning, hail hitting a window, a choir and many more. After each clip and without mentioning what the sound was, we would discuss what it reminded us of and why. Who knew that the sound of hail hitting a window could remind you of preparing a bacon sandwich! Still sticking with the theme of exploring memories, but with more of an emphasis on life in Leeds and travelling experiences, the second session was just as enjoyable as the first. It involved discussing stories and opinions with regards to our time in Leeds, as well as a creative activity using watercolours, chalk and pastels to produce a picture based on travel experiences.

What we particularly appreciated and enjoyed from these two sessions was that it was a shared experience; we learned a great deal and I’m sure the participants did too. We can only thank the MAECare team and the participants for making this such a valuable experience for all those involved.