What MAECare means to us

What MAECare means to my husband Pete and myself.

When we moved back to this area seven years ago we were so happy to be returning to Leeds, a city we loved, especially after living in the Southeast. Although friends had moved on (or died) we were just so happy to be back in Yorkshire with two of three sons living nearby.

On Pete’s retirement we had always said we would return to Yorkshire. Initially we were very active and busy enjoying seeing our family on a regular basis at weekends, going out and about enjoying this beautiful county. We joined a local community centre where we played table tennis and soft mat bowls, then later I joined a craft group there, life was really good.

When Pete’s health began to deteriorate he decided he didn’t want to play bowls, then, stopped playing table tennis. I continued to play table tennis and indoor tennis, but as my back became increasingly more and more painful I was unable to play. After Pete fell top to bottom down the stairs I just couldn’t leave him. I continued with the craft group for some time when Pete would go for a coffee in the local café then wait for me with the craft group, but this proved to be unacceptable by some of the group so I had no alternative other than to stop going.

Life then became increasingly isolated, until a neighbour suggested getting in touch with MAECare. That was really life changing, as we joined and met kind, caring and supportive people. The phone calls to ask if we were okay and managing; make such a difference, knowing someone cares and supports you when sometimes you are feeling so alone. This has made a HUGE difference to our lives.

Pete and I would like to say to everyone connected with MAECare a HUGE thank you for all your hard work and kindness; it’s made our lives so much richer and happier. It’s much a comfort to know that there are people who care and support you when you need it.


Ann J.