MAECare work placement: A valuable experience.

My name is Jamie Woodhouse and as many of you will know, I have been on a six week work placement with MAECare, from Leeds Trinity University. I wanted to share with you my experiences with MAECare now that my placement has, sadly, come to an end.

Six weeks certainly flew by and my first day still sticks strongly in my mind, helping out at Old and New games at treetops. I got myself hooked on table tennis for the afternoon, and following that day, I actually joined a club near my home in Bradford, which I enjoy hugely.

Although not related to the Sports Journalism course which I study at Trinity, I have nonetheless picked up several new skills during this placement.

One particular skill which stands out is how I have learnt to work better with older people, especially those living with dementia or suffering from other ailments. Before, I was not confident in my approach to this, but now that has all changed. A huge thank you must go to Jenny for this, as the Dementia Friends training she allowed me to partake in, helped tremendously.

In terms of journalistic abilities, I have had regular opportunities to take pictures, shoot video and write content, for MAECare’s website and Twitter account. The crown jewel if you will is a short video put together, which serves as a montage of what you all think about MAECare. This can be found on our YouTube page, along with other great content, which you can access here.

My interpersonal skills have improved drastically, interacting with the wonderful staff, volunteers and customers of MAECare every day, so I would like to thank everybody who made me feel so welcome from day one.

I have signed on as a volunteer following the placement, so I will hopefully see all the amazing people I have met again soon.

Jamie Woodhouse