Light in the darkness – Remembrance

Our Creative Writing Group has penned a series of meditations on “Remembrance”

Light in the darkness

Memories of dark years
Spread out before us.
Cards sent to longing parents,
Censored and stripped of personal touches,
Grieving parents dreading a dead man’s penny,
Smooth to touch but heavy as its message.

Pictures meant to encourage patriotism
With no hint of the gunfire,
The fierce burning of the Zeppelin,
The putrid stench of the trenches,
The agony of injury.
Even Edith Cavell lies gracefully
Her mutilation hidden.

But there is light in the darkness!
Why German playing cards?
Could the men on both sides have enjoyed
A brief time of friendship and peace?
Are there British cards lying
In some obscure corner in Germany?

Is this a sign
That despite the horror, the waste of life,
The pain and fear,
The unity on the biscuit barrel,
Its shape reminding us of a sentry
Watching for revival of the darkness
Is a light shining, giving hope?

Mary Stubbs.