LGBT+ History month

LGBT+ flag
LGBT+ flag

In 2017 we saw both the 50th anniversary of decriminalising homosexuality, which began the move towards equal rights for gay people, and a ‘pardon’ for thousands of men who had previously been convicted. These events remind us that older gay people will have spent significant parts of their lives when attitudes were very different, and that this will have affected many people.

Many of the issues related to ageing are similar whether you are straight or gay. But the history of discrimination can make ageing as an older lesbian, gay man, bisexual or transgendered person (LGBT people) even more challenging than it is for the general population. Older gay people are more likely than average to smoke and drink and more likely to have worries about mental ill health.

Currently, older LGBT people are also less likely to have close family support and may be extremely isolated. Older LGBT people are:

  • more likely to be single
  • more likely to live alone
  • less likely to have children
  • less likely to be in regular touch with members of their biological family

As a result of these circumstances older LGBT people are more likely to need care services, but are less likely to feel confident and comfortable using services than the general population, due in part to a history of discrimination.

Older LGBT people in care homes can face discrimination from other residents, and may have to ‘come out’ either for the first time, or again, to ensure that they and their partner have the same rights and respect as other couples expect.

Help and support for older LGBT people in Leeds

Out in Leeds
Monthly social group for older LGBT people with guest speakers, walks, discussions and events, and information on local services.
Contact Sarah Prescott
0113 3893007
[email protected]

Project supporting older LGBT people who may be socially isolated.
Contact Jude Woods
0113 244 2409
[email protected]

February is LGBT+ history month and there are a wide range of events in Leeds see the website of Leeds Inspired for more information.