Adopt a Grandparent

At our Annual Celebration, Gillian told us about her experiences of being an “adopted Grandparent”:

When Barbara asked me if I would be interested in the Adopt a Grandparent initiative, I immediately said yes.

She told me that when she had a family that she felt would be suitable to be matched with me she would arrange a meeting between herself me and the family. I was very intrigued and looked forward to being able to meet who I was to be partnered with.

Barbara arranged for her and me to meet the single Mum and her 7 year old son at Sainsbury’s café. Satminder and Nyran arrived and joined us. Nyran sat opposite and kept studying me then he said ‘please will you be my grandma’ and I said yes if your Mum is happy with it as well.

Satminder said she was very keen and when I discovered our birthday was the same as my late husband and I felt it was so right.

Since then we have been a new little family. As we got to know each other we have got more involved and I helped out by meeting Nryan from school when his Mum couldn’t get there.

It has been a joy to have them in my life and I strongly recommend this to others who may be interested; it’s extremely worthwhile and the rewards are great.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with Barbara at MAECare office.

Gillian Edwards.