1.8.1914-18 WW1 – Remembrance

Our Creative Writing Group has penned a series of meditations on “Remembrance”

1.8.1914-18 The WW1. For Liz 1.11.2017

I have heard of a young warrior,
Who bravely fought our enemy,
For the freedom for his mother and father,
For his sister and his brother.

He had no machine gun,
Only bayonet, trenches and dunes.
No bulletproof helmet of to-day,
To keep him alive and safe.

While the enemy had a strong defence,
And the steel battledress.
The battle was fierce and long,
Our men were falling like tiles of mah-jong.

So he had fought for his family and his corner,
For God, his country and his honour.
As the enemy was hitting very hard,
So our men were just falling down.

The hand grenades were overhead flying,
Tearing all bodies that were dying,
Blood was pouring all around,
And was soaking all the ground.

Nurses looking for their pals,
Some men were breathing only just.
Others were torn beyond the recognition,
So for them there was only one solution.

To gather them into one communal grave,
Put a cross upon it for the brave,
On the field the poppies will bloom,
Where the men shed their blood.

Then every Armistice Day the poppies will grow,
And every Remembrance Day the candles will glow.
All the Nation will always pray,
For those who for us their heads lay.
All 170,000 men had lost their lives then.

Eugenia Manojlovic.