Are you Weather Ready?

Are you weather ready?
Are you weather ready?

Help communities

  • Keep an eye on vulnerable members of your community this winter: check on them in times of severe weather; discourage them from going outside when it’s icy; help them with errands/shopping if possible.
  • Cold weather affects the health of the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions. Snow and ice can result in slips and falls, and cold temperatures can affect circulation and breathing-related issues, which can be fatal. Keep an eye on those who might be vulnerable and ensure they are well looked after and warm.

Keep warm, keep well

  • Cold weather brings with it bugs and viruses, many of which can be safely managed yourself.
  • Keep warm and well this winter by taking steps to stay healthy, and prepare for potential illness, especially if you (or your loved ones) suffer from asthma, CoPD or other illnesses where sudden drops in temperature can affect health.
  • Call 111 if you are concerned and want medical advice.
  • Flu vaccinations are available free of charge to certain groups of individuals including

Travel advice

  • Check weather information before travel. Being informed is the best way to minimise disruption to your plans and to know if you might have to avoid travelling.
  • Driving in hazardous conditions can be challenging, familiarise yourself with our dedicated pages on driving in the rain, snow and ice.
  • Keep up to date with vehicle maintenance during the winter. Your vehicle is your responsibility. Have it serviced and check it before taking long journeys.
  • When travelling – by road or rail – in potentially bad weather, prepare for the unexpected by packing a survival kit should you be stranded somewhere.

Download the Weather Ready poster HERE